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    Wrapping an Image or Text in a link field is a very common use case. In Sitecore WebForms this could be achieved by simply wrapping LinkField renderer around a text field or image field renderer, E.g. <sc:Link FieldName="Link"><sc:Text FieldName="text /></sc:Link> One of the good things about using this technique is that both the link field [...]

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    On a recent project I was tasked with writing a custom item resolver in Sitecore. The goal was to translate http://domain/blog/tag/tag-name to http://domain/blog?tag=tag name. Since I had done this a before, I quickly wrote the following code public override void Process(HttpRequestArgs args) { Assert.ArgumentNotNull(args, "args"); if (((Context.Item == null) && (Context.Database != null)) && !string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(args.Url.ItemPath)) { [...]

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    This blog discusses how to extend the sample MVC storefront site that ships with Sitecore Comemerce 7.2. Sitecore released Sitecore Commerce 7.2 powered by Commerce Server, Sitecore Commerce Connect 7.2 and Sitecore Commerce Server 11.0 in September this year.  Sitecore Commerce extends the Sitecore Customer Experience Platform (CEP) by exposing a set of commerce features [...]

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    The official Sitecore CMS Performance Tuning Guide (requires SDN access: v6.5, 7.0) has stated (since the dawn of time – or at least every version I’ve ever read) that the Memory Monitoring hook should be disabled (and only enable it when troubleshooting Memory related issues): <hooks> <hook type="Sitecore.Diagnostics.HealthMonitorHook, Sitecore.Kernel"/> <!--<hook type="Sitecore.Diagnostics.MemoryMonitorHook, Sitecore.Kernel"> <param desc="Threshold">800MB</param> <param [...]

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    I am wrapping up development on a Sitecore project that involved my first real experience with SPEAK UI. I’ll admit, at first I struggled. I struggled more with SPEAK than I had with anything in a while. It was new to me and creating what I wanted required a different way of thinking than anything [...]

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    The Sitecore Hackathon 2015 is coming up fast. Once again I will be participating, but this time I will be working with a couple new teammates. Last event on January 24, 2014, I didn’t have anyone that I knew available to work with so I submitted as a “solo artist”. After doing so, it was [...]

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    I recently had an opportunity to co-write an new application for Sitecore’s Marketplace.  With this app we decided that we wanted to support both Web Forms and MVC environments.  Sitecore started to support MVC a couple years back and in result we have seen a split among clients on which technology to use.  In short [...]

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    Recently I configured a Sitecore solution using Amazon’s SES (Send Email Service). There were two small changes I found that I needed to include in order to get it to work. The first error was, “The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated.” This happens because Amazon requires an SSL [...]

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    XCentium’s new, user-friendly Sitecore blog module supports MVC and Web Form platforms, migrates existing WordPress blogs, and handles multiple blogs for a single Sitecore website. We are pleased to announce XBlog, a newly-developed Sitecore module that allows blogs to be integrated and supported seamlessly within a Sitecore-based website. XBlog, now available in the Sitecore Marketplace, was [...]

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  • 11/23/14--14:10: Styling XBlog
  • One of the biggest issues with using a 3rd party tool for your website is making it look like your website.  With XBlog we wanted to make this as easy as possible.  Here is how simple it is. Each view / user control comes with an ID wrapper.  These ID’s are dynamic allowing you to separate [...]